Photo by Carter Hasegawa

Photo by Carter Hasegawa

I have always been an adventurer. When I was a kid growing up in Australia, I was fascinated by the natural world. You'd likely find me looking under rocks, climbing trees, making bird calls, and since I was an only child, having imaginary adventures. When I wasn't outside, I was drawing or poring through books—fiction, non-fiction, the atlas, whatever I could get my hands on. Today, I still love each of these things as much as I did then.

So, I’m very grateful to have made a career that involves helping others bring their books to fruition while I’ve continued to write, illustrate, and spend time in nature as often as I could. Yet it has always seemed to me that a combination of all the things I love—nature/wilderness, writing, illustrating, discovery, and adventure—would be the very best sort of career to have. (I dreamed of it but didn’t know how to make it real.)

Aboard the RVIB  Nathaniel B. Palmer   [Credit: Christina Riesellman]

Aboard the RVIB Nathaniel B. Palmer [Credit: Christina Riesellman]

But in going to Antarctica twice in an Outreach role, I have finally lived exactly the experience I've dreamed of and in the most powerful ways. These experiences have provided a life-changing shift in perspective, my interests, and my dreams from this point forward.

I am currently writing a middle grade nonfiction science adventure book, writing and illustrating a lyrical nonfiction picture book inspired by my Antarctic journeys, and seeking my next Antarctic adventure.