On-screen editing


On-screen editing


I am now offering live editing of manuscripts in an online environment. I will be editing manuscripts and query/cover letters live and on-screen, just as I do in my writing courses and workshops, which many students have agreed is their favorite and the most illuminating part of my writing courses.

There'll be the opportunity to ask questions and share your goals and concerns for your manuscript and/or letter. You’ll also learn from watching me edit other people’s manuscripts and letters in a small, supportive environment.

The aim is to help each writer gradually bring their work to a publishable standard by focusing on aspects such as:

  • strengthening the narrative arc
  • pacing
  • thinking visually and removing excess visual information
  • livening up your language style and “voice”
  • technical aspects such as POV and showing (not telling)
  • tightening up your writing and reducing your word count
  • copyediting and grammar
  • writing strong query/cover letters
  • and more

Spaces are limited, so the group will be small. You'll receive a minimum of 20 minutes on your project and goals. 

Submit your picture book manuscript, cover/query letter, synopsis, or chapter book/novel pages at least 24 hours in advance. Picture book drafts should be under 1500 words (and word count reduction will be one focus of my editing). Submit up to 6 pages (double-spaced) for longer works (chapter books and novels).  

There is no minimum signup, so attend one session or as often as you like. If the available session times don't suit you or your group, please let me know and we can arrange a time that works for you. 

For more information, please contact me

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